LANDMARKS - Хотел Бисер



Balchik, known also as the “white city” is one of the oldest and ancient cities on the Black Sea coast and a present cultural and touristic center.

Balchik is known worldwide for its::

  1. Architectural complex “The Castle” – built as a summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria.
  2. Botanical Garden, which has the second biggest Cactus collection in the World, after the one in Monaco, and also a rich variety of plants and flowers.

A temple of the mother Goddess Kibela has been discovered in Balchik.
Balchik is a preferred place for summer vacation, far from the big and noisy resorts.
Balchik hosts a lot of International events, festivals and plain-airs.
Along with its historical importance and romantic landscape, Balchik is also renowned for its healing mud, used for centuries by the locals.
Easily accessible from Balchik are famous sights like Cap Kaliakra and Aladja Monastery.

Top reasons to visit Balchik:

1. The Palace
2. Botanical Garden
3. Place for summer vacation
4. Good food
5. Cape Kaliakra
6. Festival Capital
7. More than 2000 history
8. Healing mud